5 ways to find projects in Hacktoberfest

5 ways to find projects in Hacktoberfest

Pradumna Saraf
·Sep 16, 2022·

2 min read

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Table of contents

  • So, what is Hacktoberfest?
  • Why should you take part?
  • 5 ways to find projects.

So, what is Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is a yearly Open Source celebration/event in October to encourage more people to contribute to open source. It's all about learning and giving back to the community.

Why should you take part?

It's fun working and collaborating with different people on different projects and learning new skills.

5 ways to find projects.

1) Good First Issue Finder by EddieHub Community

It finds good first issues from all over GitHub and gives you a list of them. We can further filter down the Issues by clicking the labels.

Link - finder.eddiehub.io

Screenshot from 2022-09-15 00-00-23.png

2) GitHub's advanced search.

GitHub advance search provides tons of filters to find repos and issues according to our preferences. We can filter by language, extension, Issue labels, no. of starts/forks, etc.

Link - github.com/search/advanced

Screenshot from 2022-09-15 00-09-46.png

3) GitHub Topics

It's a very cool feature on GitHub. With the help of this, we can find a particular project with a topic. The topic can be languages, events, tech, etc.

Link - github.com/topics/hacktoberfest

Screenshot from 2022-09-15 00-15-13.png

4) Good First Issue label

good first issue is the best way to start your Open Source journey. We can find all of those on GitHub by doing a label search.

Link - github.com/issues...

Screenshot from 2022-09-15 00-26-30.png


It contains lists of projects which are beginners friendly. We can filter out projects by languages and non-code contributions.

Link - oswc.is/search-projects

Screenshot from 2022-09-15 23-11-54.png

That's the end of the Blog. Thanks for reading it.


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