What is a code hosting platform?

What is a code hosting platform?

Pradumna Saraf
·Apr 3, 2022·

2 min read

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Table of contents

  • Why code hosting platform?
  • Some more preferred platforms:
  • Why GitHub?
  • Github Interface
  • Official Docs:

It's a web hosting facility for the source code of the software, documentation, web pages, and other works. They are often used in open-source software projects.

Why code hosting platform?

▪️ Collaboration - Many developers can develop/use a single project at a time.

▪️ Docs - Provide a place to document our work, with docs every project is incomplete.

▪️ Integration - Provides direct integration and workflow to make production easy.

Some more preferred platforms:

▪️ Bitbucket

▪️ Gitlab

▪️ GitHub


📌In this Bootcamp, we will prefer GitHub to explain the elements and concepts

Why GitHub?

It is the most popular platform due to its easy UI and large community. Also, it comes with some great features like:

▪️ Directly supports Git

▪️ Gist

▪️ Github Education

▪️ GitHub Desktop

▪️ VSCode integration

▪️ GitHub Co-pilot

Github Interface

This is a basic Infertface of GitHub, contains: ▪️ Profile Bio

▪️ Repos

▪️ Pull Request

▪️ Issues

(We will go through each part in the upcoming days)

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Official Docs:

Official docs to get started with GitHub:


"The only repo you need"

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